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Sarah Payne Quilter

Sarah Payne's Quilt Hamper - Winter 2021

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Welcome to Sarah Payne’s Quilt Hamper. This hamper is a bundle put together by me for you to have fun with!

It is aimed at all levels – but is always doable by beginners because not only do you get full and detailed instructions for your projects, you also get exclusive access to a private Facebook group called Sarah Payne’s Quilt Hamper.  In this group I give exclusive Live Tutorials as well as video content that will help you get to grips with the projects. There is also oodles of support from other members.

So what’s in your hamper? – Well that is part of the fun because you won’t really know until you open it. Furthermore, we ask to hold off opening it until the first Facebook Go Live of the quarter when we all open it together! That’s why every hamper includes a tea bag and a biscuit – so we can all have a cuppa together across the airwaves!

You will usually get 3 clues – and the rest is top secret. If you don’t like the fabric in the hamper, you can always substitute it for something else, or enjoy the process and gift the finished result. Many of our Hamperees have done this, and some have even made the quilt multiple times once they find out how easy they are. Just jump in and join us in our friendly group as we stitch away together and share our progress!

So what is this hamper's clues - William Morris and Triangles! Yep - that's it! I think that says it all! At the end of November you will get a red spotty bag in the post containing a quilt deisgn using WIlliam Morris! fabrics. I dont usually tell you what the fabric in the kit is until it arrives at your house, but this is just to amazing to keep to myself!

But to give you a bit more – this is what you can expect!

•A full quilt kit – including fat 1/4s, backing, wadding and binding

•Full colour instructions

•A secondary pattern to make something fun from the scraps left over from the quilt.

•A tool / ruler

•A gift

•Tea and biscuit

You can view our Previous Hampers post and get more information about the hampers on my blog by clicking here

This hamper is due for delivery the end of November 2021.


Please note - this is all subject to delivery to my studio in Peterborough. As we know, there are issues with all sorts of goods at the moment, and I am working hard with my suppliers to mitigate any disruptions, but you never can tell. I will keep you updated if anything changes!