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Sarah Payne Quilter

Sarah Payne's Jacob's Ladder Quilt Pattern Booklet

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The Jacob’s Ladder block is a 9 patch made up of half square triangles and squares. This pleasing arrangement means that the block has a flow across the diagonal plane, leading it to have many names that relate to travel. For example, this pattern has been called Jacob's Ladder, Underground Railroad, Road to California, Gone to Chicago, Off to San Francisco, Stepping Stones and Trail of the Covered Wagon. All these names speak of going somewhere.

This pattern makes use of jelly roll strips and a couple of half metre pieces to make a quick and easy quilt. This version is made up of 9 blocks and finishes at 48 inches. To make a large quilt, just keep adding blocks!


12 strips of co-ordinating fabrics cut 2 ½ inches across the full length of the fabric (at least 40 inches). You could use 24 strips cut from fat quarters or 12 strips from a jelly roll.

1m of background fabric (white).

1m of contrast fabric (blue).

50cm for the inner border (cream).

75cm for the outer 4border (blue)

50cm for the binding

In addition, you will need threads for piecing and quilting.