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Quilty Tips provide instructions and materials lists for you to make quilts and use other quilting methods from some of my more popular workshops.

Sarah Payne

This is my Quilty Tips page! Below you will find free hints and tips from some of my popular workshops.

Most tips have a document you can download providing instructions, lists of materials and tools required to create a project, or guidelines for a specific technique. Some tips may also provide a video you can watch.

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Free 5 fat 1/4 quilt pattern

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Free 5 fat 1/4 quilt pattern

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This 36 inch square quilt can be put together with 5 fat 1/4s of fabric and 1/2m of plain fabric!

This 36 inch square quilt can be put together with 5 fat 1/4s of fabric an 1/2m of plain fabric! Mix up you colour choices for greater variety. This free pattern is suitable for beginners.

Quilty Tip Document

A Quilty Tip Document is available to download using the link below. This provides information and instructions to follow, including materials (suggested fabrics, threads, patterns or colours) and tools required.

Download Quilty Tip document

The document is usually supplied in PDF format which can be viewed using the free Adobe Reader.

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  18 January 2020

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Sarah Payne is a freelance quilting teacher, designer and TV demonstrator. Sarah designs sewing projects for national sewing magazines, and acts as a regular quilting and sewing demonstrator on TV shopping channel Create and Craft in the UK and across the USA. Workshops are taught wherever invited!

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